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The challenge of finding a partner you’re willing to settle down with, ideally for the rest of your life, can be huge for everyone, no matter what the strengths of their religious beliefs are, or what religion they belong to. It is a common issue around the world. Adding faith into the equation can make this more of a challenge. Find Your Muslim Partner are here to help you find a Muslim marriage partner who is perfectly suited to you. We’re here to help you at every step of the way.

When your religion is important to you, finding the perfect partner, in the right way, is critical. But if the world of dating, as is the norm in modern Western society isn’t applicable to the millions of single Muslims who choose to follow an Islamic life, what other options are open to us?

The path to finding a married partner through family and friends is well known, but that isn’t always the solution. Whilst we offer no criticism of that route, it isn’t always suitable for everyone.
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If you’re a single Muslim, and you’re looking to get married, it doesn’t matter at what stage of the process you’re at, before anything else we recommend one thing. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but if we can give you only one piece of advice, it is this... genuinely connect yourself to Allah SWT.

Sounds simple, right? Regardless of what prayers you are currently giving, we mean make a genuine connection about marriage. Perhaps you are feeling trapped by family, or perhaps you’re just feeling the stresses of everyday life? Approaching marriage requires a clarity of thought. A calm mind. Allah is aware of the challenges in your life, but by seeking guidance from him, insha Allah you can find that tranquility you seek.

‘Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest’. (Koran 13:28)

Find Your Muslim Partner - The solution for single Muslims everywhere.

We’ve developed our service from the ground up as one focussed around the specific needs of single Muslims. The service is run by married Muslims, and on our staff we include an Imam. Our service is designed to help you find someone with whom your are spiritually compatible, of course, but also to think about your life goals, your romantic objectives in regards to married life. The team behind the service are easy to get in touch with - if you want to to come and visit our offices or give us a call - great! We’re here to help.

Our service, whilst focussed on single Muslims in the UK, includes many Muslims who are looking for marriage from around the world.

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