The Stages of Islamic Marriage

Between beginning the search for a marriage partner, and going through the process of marriage, a lot needs to happen.

At Find Your Muslim Partner, we’re well aware that every marriage is different. We feel honoured to have helped play a part in many successful marriages over the years. The differing stories of how prospective partners have found each other seems to know no end, but we do know that in every case we have the guiding strength and knowledge of Islam.

No two marriages are 100% alike, there are always differences, some very subtle, some very profound. Some may be to do with the day of celebration itself, others may be down to a point of interpretation of Islamic law. What we mean to say is, it’s important that both husband and wife ensure that they are getting out of this marriage what they want.

If you’re considering marriage, stay focused on the important elements. Here is our rundown of the main stages in which to approach marriage.

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Courtship and Decision Making

If you were to think about what are the most important events in your life, assuming you intend to get married, marriage will always be near the top of the list. Your choice of marriage partner is seen by everyone, as one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. Islam is very specific about this. These kind of decisions can never be taken lightly. It should involve prayer, research, and the involvement of family, and possibly friends too.

We believe Find Your Muslim Partner has a critical role to play at this stage of proceedings. We encourage the involvement of parents, guardians and wali in the decision making process. Find Your Muslim Partner is run by Muslims who are professionals. You can call us on our phone line, meet us in our offices, and even attend our marriage events. We run this enterprise with a focus on trust, privacy and confidentiality – guided at every stage of the process by the principles and ethics of Islam.

So having met your future spouse through Find Your Muslim Partner or even one of our events, what happens next?

The Marriage Contract (Nikah)

Both a legal contract and a social agreement in Islam. Islamic law only recognises a marriage when this contract has been negotiated and signed, with the agreed conditions upheld.

The Wedding Party (Walimah)

The wedding party itself can often be a totally distinct event from the signing of the marriage contract, but is also important as it is the public celebration of the marriage itself. The specifics of the party itself vary hugely, but usually the family of the groom is responsible for inviting the guests to a celebration meal.

Life as a Married Couple

When the celebrations are over, the husband and wife need to settled down to married life. A critical time, but with the teachings of Islam to guide you, this relationship should be defined by mutual love, responsibility, safety, comfort and love. If problems are encountered, you’ll find Islam offers you many solutions. Also family members are there to help, support and guide.

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