Being a Muslim Husband

Looking for advice on how to be the best Muslim Husband you can be? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are just beginning down the path towards married life, or you’ve been married for years, it’s always good to go back over some basic principles. With our busy lives we can all be guilty of losing sight of the true path sometimes, we’ve put together this information as to kick-start your thoughts about what it really means to be a Muslim husband. We’d be happy to hear  your thoughts - get in touch with us on social media or using our contact page.

Before marriage:

The Koran has always been emphatic about marriage:

“As for those who are unable to marry, let them live in continence until Allah grants them sufficiently out of his bounty..” (24:33)

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) went further in his guidance to men in a Hadith recorded in Bukhari:

“Young men, those of you who can support a wife should marry, for it keeps you from looking at women and preserves your chastity; but those who cannot should fast, for it is a means of cooling passion.”
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Islam is very clear in how it differs from the modern, Western secular view that young people are expected to ‘play the field’ or ‘sow their wild oats’ before marriage. So if having girlfriends is unlawful for Muslims, how should the move towards marriage be made? Where possible, family and friends should play a role. As part of that process, we at Find Your Muslim Partner also offer our services as experts in Islamic Marriage. We are all in agreement that it is the moral quality of your partner that is the priority here. That way, as a bridegroom, you will be approaching marriage with the mindset of one who wishes to establish a family based on there strongest possible foundation of love and compassion, not with a fixation on wealth, physical beauty, position in society or ambition.

A Muslim Husband’s Duties

Maintenance and protection, and the overall responsibility for his wife’s welfare. This will include feeding, clothing and shelter for his wife and any children of the marriage. This would also include providing company and marital relations for his wife.

If a man fails to maintain his wife, or fails to visit her for more than a certain period of time, then the wife may have grounds for divorce under Shari-ah law.

A husband should take of his wife’s sentiment’s and emotions, but this is a two way street. In order for a marriage to be successful, prosperous and peaceful, they wife needs to reciprocate.

The list can be exhaustive, so let’s boil it down - we’re hoping there are not too many surprises here, as in our minds, this is all pretty much common sense!

  • Learn and practise Islam in tandem with your wife.
  • Endeavour to raise your children in an Islamic way.
  • Be there for your wife at times of distress.
  • Show good manners and a good character towards your wife.
  • Do not look at other women in a sexual way apart from your wife.
  • Help out around the household - don’t just leave them to your wife!
  • Supports the rights of his wife.
  • Keep an even temper even if your wife hurts your feelings.
  • To forgive small mistakes and to always appreciate your wife.
  • Admit when you’ve made a mistake, seek forgiveness, and try to move on.


The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, once said:
“The best of men are those who are good to their wives.” It’s also wifely reported that he would cook, clean, and even sew in his home.

There surely is no greater example upon which we can think about how to live an exemplary life as a Muslim husband. Register now and find your opportunity for marriage